At Dad, we produce light boxes that meet your needs and which not only have an excellent price-quality ratio but will also attract customers’ attention to your business.

Lightboxes made to attract attention of customers

One of the most popular advertising signboards is light boxes. This is a great solution for the companies looking for the best price-quality ratio. Light boxes can be made of special aluminium profiles with canvas and used in interiors where the information on the collections needs to be frequently changed.

The light boxes are also made of perforated aluminium composite panel with plexiglass encrustations. This way, the signboard can be added more luxury, which will attract the attention of your customers even more.

Light boxes can also be of the console type. This is a great way to attract customers’ attention from afar. Consoles are produced in various shapes, such as rectangular, oval, quadrature or any shape according to your logo.

The light box option combined with the volumetric letters is a more economical version of the volumetric letters.

We recommend making large-format light boxes (e.g. 8 x 2 m) from aluminium with a tented front. This will ensure the best value for money.

The purpose of the light box is to spread light and thus attract the attention of customers.

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