Vehicle stickers

One of the most effective means of advertising, which does not need to be agreed with the municipality and which attracts the attention of others, wherever you go, is vehicle stickers.

Vehicle stickers draw attention wherever you go

We can design the vehicle according to your needs, from affixing of the main contact data to the full coverage of the vehicle by advertising.

Sticking contacts on the vehicle
Sticking contacts on the vehicle is useful for those who want to mark the company’s vehicle, position the brand, and advertise their goods or services non-aggressively. This is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

Partial vehicle sticking
As in any case, layout is especially important. Therefore, a vehicle that uses partial stickers can be a great advertisement for your company or product. When partially sticking the vehicle, we offer to use high-quality printed film with laminate or premium class monochrome films.

Complete vehicle sticking
By fully sticking the vehicle in advertising, you will reach your target market. A well-prepared layout and correctly arranged information will not only draw the attention of others, but also create a positive image of the company. We use only high-quality printed film with laminate or premium class monochrome films to completely stick the vehicle.

Advertising windows on vehicles are stick with perforated films, which are clearly visible from the inside of the vehicle, thus increasing the advertising space of the vehicle from the outside and hiding the (vehicle) interior from curious eyes.

If you don’t want permanent advertising on vehicles, we offer magnetic stickers. We can offer magnetic stickers of various shapes and sizes that can be affixed and removed at any time.

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