DAD produces various types of stickers – adhesive labels of various sizes, colours, designs and types, which will help your business to draw attention, enliven the design or inform the customers.

Stickers are an effective, inexpensive way to attract customers’ attention.

We can produce not only simple, but also the most complex geometric shapes and sizes of adhesive labels (stickers). 
We also produce stickers in various shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and printed on different types of film.

Laminated stickers are more resistant to sunlight which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Floor stickers are a great way to draw your customers’ attention. The shops located in the malls thus attract the attention of customers and present current promotions or new collections.

 We print large format photo posters on various materials. Paper photo posters are perfect for the design of your shop. They can be hung in a showcase or placed in a frame. We also print photo posters on adhesive film, for sticking on windows and billboards. They can have bright, rich colours and long life. Photo posters are perfect for the interior of a cafe, beauty salon or shop.

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