Volumetric letters

At Dad, we produce volumetric letters for your business that meet your needs and have an excellent price-quality ratio.

If you are looking for exclusivity, volumetric letters are perfect.

This is one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising. Illuminated volumetric letters extremely draw attention and are clearly visible and legible from a distance during the dark Illuminated volumetric letters are illuminated with economical LED modules that guarantee even light distribution, durability and relatively low power consumption. Volumetric letter signboards can be of several types, such as aluminium, plastic and made of foam.

Aluminium volumetric letters are the most popular product. Signboards of this type are usually made of aluminium, plexiglass and with LED module lighting. Aluminium volumetric letters are durable and firm.

Volumetric letters made of plastic are more easily exposed to cold, heat and sun.

Volumetric letters can also be made of polystyrene. This advertisement is suitable when you need a minimum price and do not need the signboard to light up. Volumetric letters are covered with a special film or paint.

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